OHARCO/Wilsonart Fab U

Want some intensive, hands-on training...for FREE?

OHARCO and Wilsonart are teaming up to bring you Wilsonart Fab U.  In these classes, Wilsonart Ambassadors will offer training including the basics to tricks of the trade from which even the experienced professional can benefit.  Wilsonart and OHARCO have teamed up to bring you and your employees easy access to this training.  Four seminars will be offered on a rotating basis throughout the day: 

  • Laminate 101--Learn about cutting & bonding laminate to a variety of substrates as well as hands-on training on how to finish and edge laminated surfaces.
  • Adhesives--Gain insight and understanding into the adhesives and how they're formulated to do the job right.  Participants will spray different adhesives and learn techniques to maximize efficiency and achieve a strong bond.
  • Solid Surface--Level 101 & 201 Offered.  Training for both the beginner & seasoned fabricator.  Hands-on opportunity to learn about cutting, seaming and finishing solid surface including how to create different edge profiles.  Participants will also learn about residential and commercial applications for solid surface.

Register today!  Either call OHARCO Customer Service (800.228.9460 or 800.362.2474) or click on the link below.

May 9th, Omaha, NE       

May 11th, Des Moines, IA

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